I love everything that involves using words in a creative way—books, plays, movies, TV shows, songs. I want to do work in all genres.

From my children’s musical to a literary, non-fiction book—the projects range from already-produced to works-in-progress.


Los Cantantes Callejeros (The Street Musicians)
My children's musical in Spanish and English, "Los Cantantes Callejeros" (The Street Musicians), is about Hortensia Hippopotamus who's in Spain studying to become an opera singer. Her adventures begin when she comes to New York to audition and meets Bernardo, the street musician. The music includes opera, Latin rhythms and original songs.

My composer, Nilko Andreas Guarin, is a talented young Colombian.
The cast is a great group of bilingual performers from Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

In collaboration with Teatro SEA, Latino children’s theater, it was produced in New York with grants from MCAF/New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Puffin Foundation, through the sponsorship of The Field.

With this show, we wanted to: a) Reach out to an underserved community of Latino children and b) Share the joy of another language and culture with American school kids, studying Spanish.

Now, we want to: 1) Produce the show on a national level, 2) Turn it into an animated film, 3) Create a children's TV series based on the concept.

Track 1: Hortensia’s Song
Track 2: Bernardo’s Song
Track 3: Jacquelina's Song
Track 4: Hortensia’s Song-finale

"Los Cantantes Callejeros" : Video


Central Park Childhood
[Memoir - Work-in-Progress]
This is a literary non-fiction work about growing up across the street from Central Park. It’s told from an adult’s point of view but with the wonderment of a child. Each "vignette" stands alone yet fits into place like a puzzle piece creating a larger, overall image. My aim, via these "verbal snapshots," is to take the reader back with me to this magical time and place.

"I got off the bus from school on the corner of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue in front of Grand Army Plaza with the big statue of General Sherman and the winged Victory bathed in gold. It's where all the horse-drawn carriages wait for tourists or lovebirds who want to take a ride through the park..."

Children’s Books

Hortensia the Hippopotamus Learns How to Sing
A "picture book" based on the main character from the "Los Cantantes Callejeros" (The Street Musicians) children’s musical--aimed at the youngest readers.

Cookie the Calico Cat
This is about a very, artistically-talented pussycat.